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Laura Sandoval ruezga Avatar

Loved my experience in this School along with my classmates, and my amazing teacher who was always willing to teach us above and beyond. I like that it's a small school and that they try to make it where if you are a working parent it's not that hard for you to attend school. They are always motivating you and letting you know how real it is. I'm currently In my extern and I'm loving it. Very grateful to have found this school to get me going in the medical field.

Laura Sandoval ruezga 12/08/2016
Anjelica Bosques Avatar

Attending Elite Studio of Dental Assisting is one of the best decisions I've made so far in life. This school is the definition of hands on training! In three short months I had the knowledge and experience I needed to be a full time dental assistant! The staff here are the best people I've met since moving to the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Not only do they teach you the art of the trade ,they also do everything from mock interviews, resume building and land you a externship at an office closest to you. My classmates and I had so much... read more

Anjelica Bosques 12/08/2015
hayle gonzales Avatar

I know the Santana's both in a professional/school setting and outside of that setting and let me tell you I would have never trusted anyone else with furthering my education then these two. They are truly motivating and dedicated to helping others. I loved the flexibility this school offered compared to others. I was still able to work my 6 day a week job and get my education. I loved my instructor the one on one attention I got from the entire staff truly made a difference. This school and it’s staff helped boost my confidence and reassured me that... read more

hayle gonzales 12/18/2018
Jennifer Gonzales-Vazquez Avatar

When I joined on at MDAS as an administrative assistant and from what I witnessed these last couple of months have made such an imprint on my life. It's definitely an honor to be able to be apart of the team. The instructors and staff here are 100% invested in the students and genuinely care about their future. I seriously wish I had known about this school before I put my self in debt going to another school back in 2011 and signing up for financial aids and student loans. That's not possible here at this school with their very... read more

Jennifer Gonzales-Vazquez 3/11/2022
Marisol Jimenez Avatar

I loved it !Everyone there is so friendly and so willing to help you succeed . I loved that it was a smaller setting so I got more one on one time and was able to learn and fully understand material . The room settings was one of my favorites because it helped me get comfortable with rooming. After completing my schooling they helped me find and externship and the externship was great as well!I’d encourage you to try the school out , it’s great!!Other places told me I was still to young ( I am currently 17)... read more

Marisol Jimenez 4/28/2022
Ava Santana Avatar

I really liked the small classroom size! I like that it gave me the opportunity to have more one on one time with my teacher when I needed a little extra help or guidance on my skills. The communication between staff and students is always great! They answer quick and effectively and you can’t beat the price.

Ava Santana 10/06/2021
Jovana Gallo Avatar

I personally took their Dental program back in 2015, and currently going forward with the Medical program. I can say Ms. Vega is a great instructor, and the front staff is very helpful, and professional. Great school for anyone looking into the Medical field.

Jovana Gallo 10/06/2021
Jennifer Greggs Avatar

Mrs. Gladys is the BEST teacher ever! Her and her husband were the best motivators! I was pregnant at the time when I started school, but they helped and encouraged me through it the entire way! They helped me get a job that I am still currently at. I have been at my office for two and half years, since I started my externship. I know if I am ever looking for another job I can count on them to help me out if they know about any openings. The classes were fun and I love the hands on experience.... read more

Jennifer Greggs 12/08/2017
Ashley Lafleur Avatar

They are all amazing. They treat you like family and take care of you the whole way through. I wish I had taken this school sooner.I was skeptical at first because they are a smaller school. Don't let that hesitation hold you back. They are a professional and legitimate business that have the nha materials to become a medical assistant.I worked odd jobs and never had the opportunity to get an education until I had the opportunity with them. After you graduate your class with them they will even help you find the a job. Everyone here is... read more

Ashley Lafleur 1/14/2022
Lidi G Avatar

I had an a very good experience attending this school. I learned valuable skills that I needed to start externship and pass the test. There's also a good communication between staff and students. I always felt valued and appreciated. Thank you so much!!!

Lidi G 7/09/2021