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Rosa Saucedo Avatar

When I graduated high school, I hit a phase in my life where I didn't know what to study, what career to choose and what school to attend. I was constantly changing my majors and schools. I was just completely stuck. However, I found this school more than a year ago and I was very much interested. The payment plans helped and the encouragement they gave me and support made me feel like I was meant to be in this school.The staff is so understanding and helpful! They truly care about their students! I have never had teachers and advisors... read more

Rosa Saucedo 12/08/2019
Marisol Jimenez Avatar

I loved it !Everyone there is so friendly and so willing to help you succeed . I loved that it was a smaller setting so I got more one on one time and was able to learn and fully understand material . The room settings was one of my favorites because it helped me get comfortable with rooming. After completing my schooling they helped me find and externship and the externship was great as well!I’d encourage you to try the school out , it’s great!!Other places told me I was still to young ( I am currently 17)... read more

Marisol Jimenez 4/28/2022
Ashley Lafleur Avatar

They are all amazing. They treat you like family and take care of you the whole way through. I wish I had taken this school sooner.

I was skeptical at first because they are a smaller school. Don't let that hesitation hold you back. They are a professional and legitimate business that have the nha materials to become a medical assistant.

I worked odd jobs and never had the opportunity to get an education until I had the opportunity with them. After you graduate your class with them they will even help you find the a job. Everyone here is...
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Ashley Lafleur 1/12/2022
Guadalupe Murillo Avatar

I Just finished school here a few months ago and it was great Ms.Gladys made me feel confident I was a really shy person and they encouraged me alot I ended up getting hired before finishing up my externship hours I have a great job thanks to everything they teached me I will always be thankful for them being so understanding and for making me a better person.

Guadalupe Murillo 12/08/2019
Mitzy Nieto Avatar

I love Elite Studio of Dental Assisting. Everybody is so nice and caring. Not once did I ever see a faculty member with a frown on their face. This school is amazing and really affordable , too. They work with you on payments. They help you with your resume and they also look for a place to do your externship at.

Mitzy Nieto 12/08/2015
Ava Santana Avatar

I really liked the small classroom size! I like that it gave me the opportunity to have more one on one time with my teacher when I needed a little extra help or guidance on my skills. The communication between staff and students is always great! They answer quick and effectively and you can’t beat the price.

Ava Santana 10/06/2021
Laura Sandoval ruezga Avatar

Loved my experience in this School along with my classmates, and my amazing teacher who was always willing to teach us above and beyond. I like that it's a small school and that they try to make it where if you are a working parent it's not that hard for you to attend school. They are always motivating you and letting you know how real it is. I'm currently In my extern and I'm loving it. Very grateful to have found this school to get me going in the medical field.

Laura Sandoval ruezga 12/08/2016
Lidi G Avatar

I had an a very good experience attending this school. I learned valuable skills that I needed to start externship and pass the test. There's also a good communication between staff and students. I always felt valued and appreciated. Thank you so much!!!

Lidi G 7/09/2021
Nini W Avatar

This is the first time I have to write a bad review about a school that I really was hoping to be In due because I was highly recommended from a previous student who was there in the school last year all I can say is that when I am trying to motivate myself to go back to school and there’s no one who can assist me or help me and keeps giving me the run around that gives me bad signals or red flags. First I come to find out that the schools being virtual after I have... read more

Nini W 9/14/2022
Paola G Avatar

Everyone cares about each other and the courses are half the length they’d be at another school and 1/5 the cost. Recently finished the program and just got hired at a dr office for $17/hr and on top of that I’m debt free. My sister made the mistake of going to a big name trade school 5 years ago for the same medical assisting program and she is still paying off her school loan to this day. Honestly the best choice I ever made!

Paola G 3/16/2020